The Association defines accreditation to mean that an institution has completed a self-study based on APTA standard and has been determined to be guided by well-defined and appropriate goals. Accreditation signifies that a school has established conditions and procedures under which its goals can be realized and substantially accomplished as expected to do so.


Membership within APTA comes in three categories: Institutional, Individual, and Associate Memberships- each with their own set of requirements, responsibilities, and privileges.

Honor Society

The Thetha Epsilon Honor Society was established to encourage and honor manifest Christian character, develop Christian leadership and academic excellence among the graduates of member schools of the APTA. are two classes of membership – scholastic and honorary.

Teacher Certification

The Teacher Certification is a service to members who choose to voluntarily participate. Certification is defined by the Association to mean that an individual has been recognized to have fulfilled an objective list of criteria which qualifies the individual for a specific level of recognition.

Theological Commission

The Theological Commission was organized as a service of APTA to encourage theological scholarship among Pentecostals in the region and to assist in sustaining and enhancing the growth of the Pentecostal movement.