The PURPOSE of the Asia Pacific Theological Association is:

1. To provide a means for member schools to ensure that their education is focused on: 

–> the basic philosophy and the Pentecostal distinctives; 

–> academic excellence;

–> student spiritual life development;

–> effective and practical field ministry training and

–> training programs that are developed and adjusted to the needs of the students, the church and the culture.

2. To establish standard which provide direction in the development and effectiveness of ministerial training programs, provide accreditation services based on the standards as criteria for a self-study and facilitate transfer of credits among member schools.

3. To provide criteria for member schools to assess the effectiveness of their working relationships with the churches and other ministries within their areas.

4. To promote close working relationships and the sharing of resources among schools in the region and to promote communication with the world-wide Assemblies of God and Pentecostal Bible school network.

The MISSION of the Asia Pacific Theological Association is:

to facilitate the ongoing development and effectiveness of the Bible schools of the region by providing vehicle for cooperation and networking, accreditation and teacher accreditation and teacher certification services, regional conferences and other programs as shall be deemed necessary.